Exercise Equipment Moving

Trust ACE Fitness for Fitness Equipment Relocation

Relocating fitness equipment presents a host of unique problems, that consumers and typical moving companies are not equipped to handle. The sheer weight and awkwardness of most pieces may prevent even the most experienced movers from handling safely. The complicated designs and cabling systems seem daunting to the novice, but ACE Fitness performs hundreds of these relocations each year. From the smallest treadmill, to professional training studios full of commercial equipment, ACE will provide expert care for your investment in fitness.

All of ACE’s employees are bonded, insured and trained in the safest and most efficient methods of moving all types of fitness equipment. ACE always places protecting your equipment and surroundings as their number one priority. Our staff will load your equipment on our enclosed trucks, and fully blanket and secure them for safe transport. Once reassembled, the equipment is adjusted, re-calibrated and lubricated to manufacturer’s specifications.

ACE Fitness provides equipment relocation at the rate of $185.00 per hour, and can do many moves within our one-hour minimum.

When considering the investment you have made in your home, business, and fitness equipment, using ACE is a safe bet!

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