Delivery & Installation Rates

We are the most trusted fitness equipment service and delivery company in Arizona.


Minimum Delivery Charge (purchased at Fitness 4 Home) $195.00
 Residential Cardio Equipment (single piece) $195.00
 Additional Residential Cardio (purchased from the same location) $95.00
 Large Residential and Commercial Cardio (single Piece) $245.00
 Large Residential and Commercial Cardio Stair Charge (per piece, NO AMT or ALPINE) $245.00
 Additional Commercial Cardio (purchased from the same location) $195.00
 1-Stack Gym (excluding SXT-550, which is $295) $225.00
 Each Additional Weight Stack $100.00
 Gym Options: (Leg Press, CXT-125 Smith Option, etc) $75.00
 ***$50 off Additional gyms purchased with a weight stack gym or CSM-725 from the   same location.
 2-Stack Functional Trainer (CDP-300, CXT-200) $275.00
 CSM-725 Smith Half-Cage Ensemble w/Bench $395.00
 Small Free Weight Pieces (e.g. benches, CCD-347) $175.00
Large Free Weight Pieces (e.g. Power Rack / Half-Rack) $195.00
 Half Rack w/Bench $195.00
 Additional Small Free Weight Piece $65.00
 Additional Large Free Weight Piece $95.00
 5-50 lb. Set of Dumbbells & Rack w/ Other Delivery (over#550lbs add .10/lb) $100.00
 Additional Dumbbells & Weight Plates w/ Other Delivery $ .10/lb
 Interlocking Humane Flooring & Thud Rugs (per piece) $2.50
 Cardio Equipment Disposal $ 50.00
 Strength Equipment Disposal $100.00

  • Additional Charges: If ACE is required to go outside our normal delivery process, additional charges may apply.
  • 20% Restricted Access Fee:  Applied to standard rate when when access for delivery truck is restricted, narrow openings that require break-down of equipment beyond normal, bringing in equipment through windows, spiral staircase, etc.
  • 20% Equipment Portage Fee:  Applied to standard rate when equipment must be carried around the exterior of the home or greater than normal distance from delivery truck to final destination of equipment.
  • 50% Express Delivery Fee: Applied to standard rate for guaranteed 2-business day delivery from purchase date for in-stock cardio cardio equipment delivered to Metro-Phoenix area.
  • Example: Spiral staircase, carrying equipment around exterior of home or great distances, bringing in equipment through windows, etc.
  • $185/hour Equipment Relocation Fee: ACE offers relocation of equipment at a rate of $185 per hour. A one hour minimum fee applies.
  • 50% Cancellation Fee: If you need to re-schedule your delivery for any reason, ACE requires a 24-hour notice, or a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the original delivery charge will be added to the cost when actual delivery takes place.
  • Non-Local Deliveries: A travel fee of $70-per hour each way applies to deliveries outside the Metro-Phoenix area.

*** Stairs are defined as more than three steps in a row.