Delivery & Installation Rates

We are the most trusted fitness equipment service and delivery company in Arizona.


Subsidized Delivery and Installation Rates for Equipment Purchased at Preferred Partners

Residential Cardio Equipment (single piece) $225.00
Additional Residential Cardio (purchased from the same location) $125.00
Large Residential and Commercial Cardio (single Piece) $295.00
Large Residential and Commercial Cardio Stair Charge (per piece, NO AMT or ALPINE) $295.00
 Additional Commercial Cardio (purchased from the same location) $235.00
1-Stack Gym (excluding SXT-550)  $295.00
SXT-550 $350.00
 Each Additional Weight Stack $100.00
 Gym Options: (Leg Press, CXT-125 Smith Option, etc) $100.00
2-Stack Functional Trainer (CDP-300, CXT-200) $325.00
CSM-725 Smith Half-Cage Ensemble w/Bench $450.00
Large Free Weight Pieces (e.g. Power Rack / Half-Rack, CSM-600 Base Unit) $225.00
 Power Rack with Lat option and Bench $295.00
Half Rack w/Bench $225.00
Additional Small Free Weight Piece $95.00
Additional Large Free Weight Piece $115.00
5-50 lb. Set of Dumbbells & Rack w/ Other Delivery (over#550lbs add .10/lb) $125.00
 300lb Olympic set with other delivery $30.00
 Additional Dumbbells & Weight Plates w/ Other Delivery $ .20/lb
 Interlocking Humane Flooring & Thud Rugs (per piece) $3.50
 Cardio Equipment Disposal $ 75.00
 Strength Equipment Disposal $150.00

  • Additional Charges: If ACE is required to go outside our normal delivery process, additional charges may apply.
  • 20% Restricted Access Fee:  Applied to standard rate when when access for delivery truck is restricted, narrow openings that require break-down of equipment beyond normal, bringing in equipment through windows, spiral staircase, etc.
  • 20% Equipment Portage Fee:  Applied to standard rate when equipment must be carried around the exterior of the home or greater than normal distance from delivery truck to final destination of equipment.
  • 50% Express Delivery Fee: Applied to standard rate for guaranteed 2-business day delivery from purchase date for in-stock cardio cardio equipment delivered to Metro-Phoenix area.
  • Example: Spiral staircase, carrying equipment around exterior of home or great distances, bringing in equipment through windows, etc.
  • $195/hour Equipment Relocation Fee: ACE offers relocation of equipment at a rate of $185 per hour. A one hour minimum fee applies.
  • 50% Cancellation Fee: If you need to re-schedule your delivery for any reason, ACE requires a 24-hour notice, or a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the original delivery charge will be added to the cost when actual delivery takes place.
  • Non-Local Deliveries: Travel Fees vary.  Please check with the office for travel fees outside the phoenix metro area.

*** Stairs are defined as more than three steps in a row.