About Our Company

We are the most trusted fitness equipment service and delivery company in Arizona.

14+ Years Experience

ACE Fitness, established in 2004, is Arizona’s premier fitness service company, providing our customers with comprehensive fitness equipment support. From prompt and professional delivery at affordable prices, to thorough equipment maintenance and repair, ACE provides the link between consumers and the finest fitness equipment. Working in conjunction with top manufacturers and Arizona’s most reputable retailers, ACE Fitness offers a new level of customer service for our industry.

ACE provides dependable and timely maintenance and repair, which is critical to keeping customers in step with their fitness regime. From at home rehab, to the fully furnished health club, ACE will always place your schedule as our priority. ACE is certified by a wide range of manufacturers for warranty work on their equipment and provides non-warranty service for many more. Customers can always count on ACE for honest, accurate and courteous help with all of their equipment needs.

ACE’s employees are bonded, insured and thoroughly trained in all areas of our industry. We offer assembly and relocation of all types and brands of equipment. Whether purchased on-line, or from one of the many fine retailers represented by ACE, customers can count on all equipment to be built or restored to manufacturers specifications.

Retailers who use ACE offer their customers the best of both worlds, quality service and installation, and the most competitive retail prices due to lower overhead. In the past, fitness companies had to maintain large staffs, equipment and parts inventories to support the products they sold. These departments were never profitable, and the losses were passed along in the prices of their equipment. By specializing in these areas and with a large base of customers ACE has been able to turn a liability into asset.

From the most respected fitness equipment providers, to consumers ranging from novice to professional athletes and trainers, ACE will always provide their customers with quality. Bet on it!